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Everyone Has A Right To Clean Air

Stories In Stone - Everyone Has A Right To Clean Air

Why Do Movie Characters Smoke?

smokeless tobaccoYou may have not noticed it but there are an increasing number of films made where leading characters smoke. That’s right they light up more than ever before. With the increasing cost of making a film around $100 million, Hollywood is looking to outside finances to cover the bill. Who better than the big tobacco companies. So instead of an entertaining film with social value what you are really getting is a big budget cigarette commercial.

7 Tips To Effectively Talk To Kids About Not Smoking

smokeless tobaccoNo parent wants their child to grow up to be a smoker, yet each day in our nation close to 4,000 kids under 18 years of age smoke their first cigarettee (U.S. FDA). We may think we’re telling our kids not to smoke, but the message is obviously not getting through.

The good news is that it’s never too late (or too early) to talk to your kids about the dangers of smoking. Toddlers, teens and all ages in-between can benefit from hearing consistent, thoughtful messages from parents and other influencers-relatives, neighbors, teachers, peers, other parents-about why never to pick up that first cigarette.

While your child’s age will dictate how you broach the topic of not smoking, any of the techniques below may serve as a jumping off point.

While it’s tempting to just lay down the law (“I better never catch you smoking.”) the reality is that kids benefit more from open discussion. It’s your job to ask good questions. “What do you think of people who smoke?” “Why do you think some kids your age try cigarettes even when they know it’s bad for them?” “What do you think you would do if someone offered you a cigarette?”

When it comes to talking about not smoking, once is not enough. Opportunities for discussions about smoking abound. For example, ask your kids what they think when you drive by a group of people huddled in an office doorway, puffing away in the rain or cold. Movies and TV frequently show characters smoking who appear glamorous. Engage your kids in conversation about why this glamorous image isn’t reality based

Smokers and Nonsmokers Rights

In the United States today, the rights of smokers to smoke versus the rights of nonsmokers to not be exposed to smoke is a hot debate. In fact, in some areas state and local governments have established anti-smoking policies.

This is not entirely new; you haven’t been allowed to smoke in airplanes for a long time. Now, smoking in restaurants is becoming just as rare.

We also see more health warnings regarding the dangers of smoking. Tobacco companies have been forced to produce anti-smoking messages for broadcast on television and via the Internet. More and more people are realizing that smoking isn’t cool, it’s dangerous.

The question ‘do you mind if I smoke’ is no longer rhetorical, as it used to be. Now you genuinely have to ask, and listen to the response. Smoking can irritate others and can cause health problems, so checking with those around you before smoking is only polite.smokeless tobacco

It is no longer fashionable or stylish to smoke. Movie characters that smoke are those who are stupid, evil, desperate, or pitiful.

In the United States of America, many states have passed laws banning public smoking. If you are permitted to smoke outside, in many states the laws designate how far away from a building you must be in order to light up.

Break one of these smoking ban laws, and you can end up spending time in jail or spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars paying fines. Even if there are not specific laws to violate, a smoker who wants to smoke in the U.S. needs to be very aware of the potential for offending those around him.

Smoking is only grudgingly accepted in the United States. Many people are against it and don’t like to smell it. If you need to smoke at dinner between courses, always ask those seated beside you if this is ok. After dinner, don’t assume you can safely smoke; ask then too and move your seat away from any nonsmokers who would prefer not to be exposed to your smoking.

Top 5 Cigar Smoking Hollywood Bad Asses

smokeless tobaccoCigars go hand in hand with every bad ass character on TV. It brought a certain level of suave and finesse to the characters the actor played and it gave the character the depth it needed. So we’ve compiled a list of the best Cigar smoking bad asses of all time.

1. NICHOLAS CAGE Starting at No 1 on our list is Nicholas Cage. A cigar-smoking comic-book lover, Cage has grown a distinguished career playing characters in such films as Leaving Las Vegas. He can also be seen on occasion chomping on a nice cigar as he goes by his day.

2 TOM CRUISE Tom Cruise is not just known to have acted in Top Gun and Mission Impossible, he’s also know as a cigar aficionado throughout most of the 1990s. One of his movies, Jerry Maguire, was even filmed at the Grand Havana Room in Los Angeles. Cruise reportedly even had a standing order for Cuban Cohibas with London and Geneva tobacconists.

3 HARRISON FORD Han Solo may fit right into the Hollywood crowd but Harrison Ford shy’s away from it. This reluctant Hollywood heavyweight has acted in one of all time top grossing box office draws in Star Wars and he enjoys puffing his cigars on their large Wyoming Ranch, away from the Hollywood scene.

4 BRUCE WILLIS Bruce Willis is the essence of what a action hero should be. He’s acted in a number of movies, most of them depicting him saving the world in one way or another and he’s shown a flair in comedy as well, acting in the whole nine yards and The player. During the mid-1990s, Willis frequented Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Monday night cigar dinners at Schatzi on Main.

5 TOM SELLECK Tom Selleck has acted in some pivotal shows such as Magnum P.I and friends and he’s always stated that he enjoys a cigar the most when he’s reading a script. His Cigar of choice has always been Monte Cristo No 2

6 ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER In 1977 when Arnold Schwarzenegger’s soon to be father-in-law first met him over dinner he offered him a cigar. That was his first introduction and soon thereafter Arnold turned to be a connoisseur of cigar smoking. He’s passed the favor on however by introducing it to other individuals like Danny Devito. Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoys a good Cohiba.6